We, the staff at the Animal Den, like to think that we provide that extra special Grooming Service. We try to meet the individual pet owners likes while keeping within the guidelines for each breed. Each and every dog or cat receives at least two hours of our time for grooming. Every animal gets two herbal baths (using only chemical free shampoos) and a massage. We use tea tree oil and melaluca skin conditioner.

Animals with skin problems receive Shampoo Therapy. Every animal is “blown” dried using only a cool to mild heat setting. The nails are cut and then filed to ensure a smooth finish. Both dogs and cats ears are cleaned and washed using a herbal ear wash. Chronic ear infections are treated with a nutritional program.

Anal glands are expressed when needed as we know impacted glands make the pet uncomfortable and may lead to many health problems.

Every animal is given a general examination with special attention given to the condition of the coat, “red tinging” on the feet and around the eyes, signs of constant chewing at the base of the tail, discolouration on the inside of the legs, and runny or discharging eyes.

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The Animal Den specializes in Animal Nutrition. It is our belief that proper diet and nutrition will ensure your pets quality and length of life. Also, experience and study have proven to us that many of the health problems experienced by to-days pets are the result of poor diet resulting from commercial pet foods filled with poor grains, by-products, animal fats, sugars and chemicals. The result is an allergic reaction to these “poisons”. Habitual licking, biting, scratching, and tail biting are all symptoms of the allergic pet. Excessive shedding, hair loss, and “hot spots” are also tell-tail signs of poor nutrition and bad diet. Chronic ear problems and odour may be the result of a yeast infection caused by sugars in the diet.

In our opinion these problems can be treated with a change to a healthy natural food based diet. By examining the “suffering” pet and reviewing it’s current diet we can recommend a balanced, nutritional, natural diet that can eliminate many of the pets problems. For those pets with more specific health concerns we specialize in   Homeopathic Remedies, and Herbal Treatments.

We treat every pet as if it was our own, and share the concerns of the pet owners. We want to see your pets enjoy the long and healthy life they deserve and understand their dependency on us. Our nutritional consulting is therefore also designed to educate the pet owner and provide information and learning references to ensure an understanding of what is good nutrition and what is harmful to your pet.

Disclaimer: If your pet is suffering from an illness, please consult your veterinarian. Any products or information obtained from this web site is done under your and your veterinarian’s decision.

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Little did I know how sick Duke, a 4 month old Persian kitten, really was when he came into my life. First he was diagnosed with Ringworm and Conjunctivitis, and shortly after Pyothorax. Not even the doctors had much hope.

Millions of our domestic pets are going down and will continue to do so unless we take steps to a healthy lifestyle. Most pet food is filled with poor quality ingredients and chemical additives and bear little resemblance to food created by Mother Nature. It is extremely important to have good nutrition for your pet.

Duke enjoys many different kinds of pet foods and health supplements which can be found at the Animal Den, in the Krug St. Plaza in Kitchener.

Now at 7 years, Duke is a bouncing bundle of energy. He gives me a lot of joy, many laughs and is great company! His health is excellent. I know he was heaven sent!

Kathleen Burke
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada